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Threat Intelligence Analyst

Permanent employee, Full-time · Frankfurt am Main

About us
QuoScient provides companies and organizations across all industries with our expertise in the fight against cybercrime. Our holistic Digital Active Defense approach and modular Defense-as-a-Service security solutions empower our customers against digital threats of all kinds.
Digital Active Defense is the interaction of Intelligence Operations, Security Operations, and Defense Technology working in unison to deliver proactive defense against threats.

  • Intelligence Operations alert our customers to current and emerging threats specifically targeting their organization.
  • Security Operations engage and neutralize attacks, investigate root causes, and ensure that they do not reoccur.
  • Defense Technology ensures timely, appropriate actions are taken, critical information is disseminated, and technical resources are fully engaged. Our proprietary technology QuoLab, a collaborative Security Operations platform, orchestrates security teams and technologies.

Our products and services fulfill all major international standards, as suggested, recommended or required in regulations and specifications. Our customers meet all regulatory requirements, comply with legal requirements, and efficiently deploy and manage their existing budgets. We also help our customers find and retain operationally experienced security operators.
QuoScient is tailored to companies from all sectors, especially those operating with critical infrastructures, including financial service providers, pharmaceutical companies, defense entities, telecommunications, food, logistics, transport, energy, public authorities and public institutions as well as digital platforms.

Our diverse team of highly specialized and operationally experienced cyber security experts from various countries support the founders in conducting Digital Active Defense worldwide 24/7.

We have the mind-set of a start-up company where we value everyone’s contribution to our work and want each employee to benefit from the company’s growth. We are passionate about what we do. And this passion is what drives us to deliver the best in class. QuoScient is looking for self-motivated individuals who enjoy working in small teams and value autonomy and professional excellence.

Your tasks
As a Threat Intel Analyst you will monitor the information security threat landscape, assess client’s exposures to threats and provide threat profiles during security incidents. Part of the job will be to operationally source and share information on threats and incidents. Your objective is to oversee threats, analyze their evolution, develop threat profiles, attribute technical artefacts and write a threat intelligence product. In this roles you team up with QuoScient’s Technical Analysts and Incident Responders. The team will support you with technical expertise and incident coordination.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Source threat intelligence information and study the information security threat landscape’s evolution
  • Develop and maintain sharing relationships within relevant individuals, communities and sharing networks
  • Provide threat profiles during incidents and consult clients with threat assessments as well as writing threat warnings
  • Turn strategic, tactical intelligence into actionable intelligence and controls
  • Write factual intelligence reports incorporating technical details
  • Attribute technical information to threats and threat profiles
  • Maintain controls and tools, tactics, techniques and procedures used by adversaries
  • Perform awareness trainings
  • A minimum of 3 years or work experience in operational security (Threat Intelligence, Forensics or Incident Response)
  • Very good intel report documentation skills
  • Professional knowledge in Intelligence, Threat Management and Modelling, Security Controls, Adversaries, Data Analysis and Sharing Initiatives
  • Willingness to work on client site as well as readiness to travel and do on call duty
  • Fluency in English is a must, German is advantageous

Your Application

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